I’m just a 16 year old that likes to make things with my friends. I’ve been writing about pop culture for more than four years now. It started out rough, it’s still rough, but I’ve gotten better. During those four years I met some incredible people that helped me along the way and had multiple pieces featured on the front page of IGN. It’s still tough to juggle school, sports, friends, and family while trying to create content, but I try.

I also host a weekly podcast, Bonus Points, where we cover hip-hop, video games, books, all things entertainment, with my good friend Roger Pokorny. Together we’ve covered hundreds of stories, talked about every Taylor Swift and Kanye album, and have done E3 liveshows each year we’ve been in production. The show goes off the rails frequently, but that’s what makes it special. Our podcast has gotten praise from industry leader, Kinda Funny.

To contact me, tweet me @Caleb_Talks or email me at Caleb.Cajthaml@gmail.com.

CalebTalks.com was created by Eric Stout, he’s really rad.

Thank you so, so much.