Bonus Points Episode 56- Grippy’s Sandwich

March 8th, 2016 by Caleb Cajthaml

Bonus Points is “the number one podcast on the internet” where two best friends, myself and Roger Pokorny get together every week to talk about the latest happenings in entertainment (source: @rogformer, 2016).

Now listen, Roger and I have made 56 episodes of Bonus Points, the majority of them can be classified as stupid, but I think this one takes the cake as stupidest. And that’s saying something because we’ve had episodes with Alex O’Neill.

Listen in as we settle down to talk about Room, the latest season of House of Cards, and Slippy’s creepy Uncle Grippy.

Caleb Cajthaml is a 15 year old who set dreams so large he needed to get started on them now. Passionate about making people happy Caleb loves to write about all things entertainment. You can find him on twitter @Caleb_Talks tweeting about the latest happenings in the Star Wars cannon and why the Vikings are the best team in football.