Bonus Points is on iTunes and Google Play. Here’s how far we’ve come.

Hey. Bonus Points is finally on iTunes and Google Play. That’s a big deal for me. For almost three years now Roger and I have been recording Bonus Points, and it’s finally on iTunes. When we started Bonus Points, I was just starting to get into podcasts, listening to shows like Podcast Beyond(!) and The … Read More

Human. A Collection of Short Stories.

This is Human. A collection of seven short stories written by seven different authors, all set on defining “What makes us human?”. Each story is unique, not only in its message, but also in the style of story. The collection has poems and personal experiences in addition to more traditional short stories. Included in the collection … Read More

Caleb Cajthaml’s Favorite Games of 2016

A month removed from 2016, and huh, not much has changed. Politics are still garbage (no matter what side of the fence you fall on) but hey, the games are top-tier, and I’m here to talk about games. We’ve only been through January and already we’ve seen excellent games like Resident Evil 7 and Gravity … Read More

Inside Review

If Limbo was developer Playdead’s Super Mario Bros, Inside is their Super Mario World. Not only does Inside match all of the puzzle platforming excellence that is Limbo, but it also somehow surpasses everything ‘the original’ did well and does so with precision and confidence. The nearly six years Playdead took to develop Inside didn’t … Read More

The Walking Dead: Michonne Review

  The Walking Dead: Michonne is by no means a bad game, but it isn’t a very good one either. It is the definition of a low expectation met, and while I don’t want to sit here and diminish the game, the reality is that the game is simply a nothing less, and certainly nothing … Read More

ABZU Review

Let me say it right out of the gate, ABZU is beautiful, probably the most beautiful game I’ve played all year. From the thousands of diverse fish that populate a single section of the game, to the poignant and emotional story, ABZU is simply beautiful. There’s no other way to put it. Developed by Giant … Read More

Pac-man 256 Console Review

  Arcade games have been all but replaced by free-to-play mobile games. Titles like Frogger and Pitfall have been replaced by Crossy Road and Temple Run. It’s an easy way to bring back the arcade mentality that died in the west, for a new generation of kids. We probably would have never gotten another truly … Read More

Top 5 Games of E3 2016

I can’t think of an E3 in recent memory with lower lows and higher highs. It may have been underwhelming to get no more than 3 seconds of Star Wars footage and not a single mention of UbiArt, but it was all worth it for the highs of the shows. I couldn’t go to E3, … Read More

Blood Simple 32 Years Later

It’s 1:34 a.m, and I need to be up at 7:00, but I just saw “Blood Simple” and need to put down my thoughts on the page. Released in 1984, “Blood Simple” is the directorial debut of the Coen brothers. Now, I’ve never seen a Coen Brothers film, that’s one of the reasons I watched … Read More

Bethesda E3 Conference Thoughts

Bethesda held the second conference of the show, last of Sunday night, and unfortunately, due to family matters I couldn’t watch the conference live, but that didn’t stop me from watching the show altogether. I went back and watched the conference and what I found was a very well put together presser. While I feel … Read More