EA E3 Conference Thoughts

EA elected to kick off E3 this year with their EA Play press conference. Unfortunately, due to family matters I couldn’t watch the conference live, but that didn’t stop me from watching the show altogether. I went back and watched the conference skipping all of the boring parts. And what I found wasn’t too surprising, … Read More

Axiom Verge Review

During the thirty or so hours I spent with Axiom Verge I felt incredibly satisfied, frustrated, confused, delighted, and nostalgic. I ran the entire gamut of emotions while playing Axiom Verge. One second I’d be feeling pure joy after successfully finding a new weapon, the next I’d be incredibly confused after reading a dialogue sequence … Read More

Day of the Tentacle Remastered Review

I’m young. Very young. The first game I ever played was LEGO: Star Wars, and I can’t remember a time where point and click adventure games were ever popular. I do however, remember watching indie darling Machinarium grow a small but passionate fan base, and watching people get excited for Double Fine’s Broken Age, but … Read More

What five games best represent video games?

I was listening to the Kinda Funny Gamescast, as one does, and they brought up an incredibly interesting topic via NeoGaf. User “theecakee” asks, “if you had to choose 5 games that best represent video games, which would you choose?” He goes on to add, “don’t factor in factors like ‘oh well this game is … Read More

PlayStation VR: A Few Days Later

This Tuesday, PlayStation held their big coming out party for PlayStation VR, and we finally know when the product will be released and how much it’ll cost. PlayStation VR will release sometime this October for a small sum of $399*. From an on the surface perspective, this price is great, really great. Early this year … Read More

Game Breaking Bugs Suck

Game breaking bugs suck, there’s no other way to put it. Just a few days ago I was playing Campo Santo’s recently released Firewatch, and despite the game’s technical problems on PS4 I was really beginning to enjoy myself. The art style is beautiful, the writing is absolutely superb, and the gameplay scratches my Metroidvania … Read More

Welcome to CalebTalks

Welcome to CalebTalks. For the past three years I’ve been writing about pop culture over on my myIGN blog fueled by nothing but pure passion. Over the course of those two years, my writing has improved tremendously. I’ve gone from a kid that had misspellings and run on sentences, right to the front page of … Read More