Human. A Collection of Short Stories.

March 22nd, 2017 by Caleb Cajthaml

This is Human. A collection of seven short stories written by seven different authors, all set on defining “What makes us human?”. Each story is unique, not only in its message, but also in the style of story. The collection has poems and personal experiences in addition to more traditional short stories.

Included in the collection is: HumanCover

I’m a Burden by Patrick Wong

Connection by Jerrad Wyche

Hunger by A.E Calles

Star-Gazing by Kana Hasagawa

That Guy by Roger Pokorny 

On Track by Caleb Cajthaml

Flotsam by Dave Dixon

The collection is available digitally, completely free of charge here.

I don’t ask for any money in return, please enjoy reading the collection as you see fit. If anything, I highly encourage you to donate to Freedom House, an organization that fights for human rights and freedom in countries around the globe.

This is my personal project and I hope you enjoy what I came up with as much as I enjoyed creating it. Email me at, and let me know if you enjoy the collection, or even if you donate to Freedom House.

Thank you.

-Caleb Cajthaml