PlayStation VR: A Few Days Later

March 18th, 2016 by Caleb Cajthaml

This Tuesday, PlayStation held their big coming out party for PlayStation VR, and we finally know when the product will be released and how much it’ll cost. PlayStation VR will release sometime this October for a small sum of $399*.

From an on the surface perspective, this price is great, really great. Early this year I speculated that the price would be $350 or less, but as Oculus announced their price of $599 and HTC announced their price of $799 the idea that PlayStation would get the price of PS VR equal to or below that of the PS4 became all that more unlikely, while the idea that the device would be in the $500 range became the common consensus. Now that PlayStation has announced that PS VR will cost a relatively cheap $399 not only am I incredibly excited, but so is the rest of the industry. Not only is PS VR much cheaper than its PC counterparts, but it doesn’t require a high end PC to run software fluidly, only* a much cheaper, more consumer friendly, PS4.


If you can’t find one for cheap online, there might still be a few left in your local GameStop dumpster.

I put asterisks throughout this piece because PS VR has a few key components not included in the box. Both a PlayStation Camera and two Move controllers will be needed to use the headset, and neither is included in the standard box. Add up the prices of the extra devices and you have a headset that costs around $560. Now, all of these devices can be found for much cheaper than their MSRP on Amazon, and many dedicated PlayStation fans already have the devices, but it’s a cost that cannot go ignored.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that Sony’s ripping off their fans and the consumer by leaving these devices out of the box, but I understand the hate. I know there will be those kids that get a headset from their parents, this coming Christmas, that will open up the big blue box, and plug in the headset only to find that they’re missing a few needed accessories. To leave out components necessary to actually play the device is a bit sly, but justifiable.

Many of the PlayStation passionate might have these devices, I can speak from experience and say that yes, I do have a PlayStation Camera, but it isn’t lost on me that the Move was a failure, to say the least, and that if you aren’t into streaming the camera is somewhat pointless. That’s where bundles come to the rescue. Earlier this morning PlayStation revealed their bundle that includes the extra devices, and it’s only $499, that’s a really good price.

PS VR is coming out of the gate strong. PlayStation has everything working in their favor. Not only is PS4 dominating hardware sales right now, but when a high end PC is accounted for PS VR is hundreds of dollars cheaper than any of ts PC counterparts. Combine the general mind share PlayStation has right now with the “consumer friendliness” of their VR headset and you have a winning combination. Not only is this good for PlayStation, but it’s good for VR.

VR has an easy poster child in PS VR. The device is cheap, easy to plug in and play, and yet it doesn’t sacrifice any of it’s quality. I can’t speak from experience, but I hear that it’s toe-to-toe with other high end VR headsets, and personally, on a side note, I think it looks way cooler. The Oculus and HTC Vive don’t look bad, but they don’t stand out, they aren’t pretty, they’re just there. PS VR looks beautiful, with it’s bright lights and sleek edges it looks like the future. I want that one on my face.


Now, like most people, I still don’t have that one game that 100% sells me on the device. As a huge Star Wars fan the recent Trials on Tatooine trailer got me really excited, but nobody’s even sure if that game will be released. The Battlefront Experience that was teased got my attention as well, but that could be a long ways out, and we don’t even know what it is. EVE: Valkarie, Adr1ft, and 100ft Robot Golf all look like they could be amazing experiences, but I have yet to try any of them out. The real killer comes with No Man’s Sky. I am excited for that game beyond belief, and it’s perfect for VR. I want a world to get lost in and No Man’s Sky offers that on a never ending scale. If PlayStation announces No Man’s Sky as a launch title this E3 I’ll be sold.

For now, all I can do is wait. Wait for that one game to grab me, or the inevitable hype train to steal all of my money as it rides by. There’s potential here with PS VR, PlayStation is lobbing the easy pitch over the plate, all we need is a developer brave enough to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park.

Caleb Cajthaml is a 15 year old who set dreams so large he needed to get started on them now. Passionate about making people happy Caleb loves to write about all things entertainment. You can find him on twitter @Caleb_Talks tweeting about the latest happenings in the Star Wars cannon and why the Vikings are the best team in football.